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Who will win the english premiership in 2008

Who Will Win the English Premiership in 2008

As we come up to the busy christmas period in the English Premiership, there are once again probably only four teams with a realistic chance of becoming champions Arsenal, Manchester United, Liverpool and Chelsea.


Although Aresnal have made a fantastic start to the season i worry about their strength in depth and have serious doubts whether they have enough quality to maintain their title challenge. Players like Fabregas and Gallas are quality but the test will be when they have a bad patch and are faced with injury problems. Will they have enough to respond only time will tell but i have my doubts.

I actually think that Arsenal will finish Fourth this season. ( Fourth )

Manchester United

United defiantley have the strength in debt and have already resonded well after a shaky start. Rooney and Ronaldo are world class and with Vidic and Ferdinand are arguebly the best center back partnership in the premiership. Wayne Rooney is back banging in goals and Cristiano Ronaldo is beginning to hit form.

Manchester United have a great team and are my favorites to win the premiership. Initially i fancied Chelsea but since the sacking of Jose Mourinho i slightly favor United. ( Champions )


Steven Gerrard and Fernando Torres will be hoping to lead Liverpool to Premiership glory this season but in reality i can’t see it happening this season . I am a Liverpool fan myself and would like nothing more than to be proven wrong but the fact is Liverpool are lacking defensively. Daniel Agger is quality but still young JC is a good defender but would struggle to get into Man Utd, Arsenal or Chelsea’s defence at center back. Sami hyypia is to old and with out a good defense you wont win the premiership.

Saying that with Steven Gerrard, Mascherano, Alonso etc i do believe Liverpool have the strongest centre midfield in the premiership and with the signing of F.Torres things are looking bright. ( Third )


I believe that Chelsea will finish runners up this season. My original favorites to comfortably win the premiership title the season will be haunted by the sacking of Jose Mourinho .

Avram Grant has made a great start to his managerial career at stamford bridge but he inherited a fantastic team from Jose Mourinho. He does how ever remain unproven as a manager at this level and its when things are going bad we will find out what he’s made of. Jose Mourinho had an absolute nightmare season last year in terms of injuries suspensions bad luck and still pushed Man Utd to the wire.

With players like Frank Lampard, John Terry and D. Drogba you will always be a force but can Avram Grant get the best out of them we will have to see. ( Runners Up )

Finally below are my final standings for the race to the premership title it should be intersting and very exciting……

Barclays Premier League : Final Standings

1. Man Utd.

2. Chelsea

3. Liverpool

4. Arsenal

Looking for the perfect soccer fund raiser

Looking for the Perfect Soccer Fund Raiser?

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Easy Fundraising Ideas has soccer fund raisers that do not require any cash up front and many direct sale items that your team or league does purchase in advance. We also have extremely high profit margin scratch cards, pizza discount cards and custom discount cards too.

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