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A brief overview of world cup 2010 matches

A Brief Overview of World Cup 2010 Matches

As you may be aware, over 60 matches will be played out over the course of the World Cup 2010. If you are an avid football fan, then you will most likely know a good bit about each team, as well as the kind of performance you are expecting from each play. On the other hand, if you are fairly new to all the excitement associated with the world cup, you may not realize just how long it took for this venue to come into being. In a similar way, getting to know more about the structure of the matches will help you determine which matches are most likely to be of interest to you.

History of the World Cup 2010

The qualification process for World Cup 2010 actually began in 2007.  Out of 208 FIFA National Teams, 204 took part. Today, only 32 teams are eligible to play in the 2010 World Cup. Even though Italy holds the World Cup title, the team still had to take part in the qualifying rounds in order to take part in the final event. While previous World Cup events featured teams that had not qualified for a previous Cup, all the ones in the 2010 World Cup played in previous events. Needless to say, this promises to be an exciting event given the experience and quality of the players from each country.

Assignment of Pots

Individuals unaccustomed to World Cup terminology may find themselves wondering at the use of the word pots, and its relationship to the structure of the matches. Basically, each of the 32 teams that qualified for the world cup was assigned to one of 8 pots. This, in turn, determines which teams will square off during the first round of matches. With the exception of South Africa, only the seven best teams were assigned to Pot 1.  The remaining pots were filled based on geographic region.   

How the Matches Work

To begin, it is important to realize that there are two sets of matches that make up the World Cup series. The first set of matches is composed of 8 groups of matches. Each group matches up teams from four countries. If you look at the schedule carefully, you will see that each country has a chance to win 3 games. Teams that advance to the second round of matches will be determined by the outcome of the first round.  

If you have a busy schedule, it may not be possible for you to watch the World Cup 2010 (‘VM Fodbold’ in Danish) each evening. Therefore, you may find yourself wondering how you will find ways to watch the best parts of the series. Since the teams found in Group One appear to be the best teams, you may want to make it a point to tune in to those games. That said if you take the time to research each team, you may find that a few other matches will be well worth watching.

Nfl power rankings week 10 — nfl picks

NFL Power Rankings Week 10 — NFL Picks

As of the writing of this article, the Monday night game has not been played yet, here are my top 10 NFL teams for the NFL Power Rankings for Week 10

In spite of tough games, Week 9 of the NFL saw the two undefeated teams in New Orleans and Indianapolis remains undefeated.

Dallas pulled a great victory against Philadelphia. New England pulled another against the Dolphins and Cincinnati and proved they were for real with their victory over the Ravens.

NFL Power Rankings for Week 10 — Top 10 teams:

Team — 10 for NFL Power Rankings Week 10: San Diego Chargers (5-3)

The San Diego Chargers pulled a comeback victory against the New York Giants.

The New York Giants have been falling apart as of yet but this was a big win for the San Diego Chargers and earns them a spot in the top 10 for the NFL Power Rankings heading into week 10.

San Diego has big game in week 10 hosting another NFC East team in Philadelphia

Week 10 Game: Philadelphia @ San Diego

Team — 9 for NFL Power Rankings Week 10: Arizona Cardinals (5-3)

While in alert, Arizona and Kurt Warner looked back and they put on Chicago in Week 9. There offense was clicking on all cylinders and did it without Anquan Boldin. Arizona improved to 5-3 and has a 2-game league in the NFC West. Look for Arizona to lock up this week division early.

Week 10 Game: Seattle @ Arizona

Team — 8 for NFL Power Rankings Week 10: Denver Broncos (Yet to play)

I have just written this article before the Monday night game with Denver playing Pittsburgh. I am ranking them here based on few predictions, they will lose that game.

No doubt, Denver is a solid team but I feel they will be coming back to the ground soon. After Pittsburgh they have an easier match up at Washington for week 10.

Week 10 Game: Denver @ Washington

Team — 8 for NFL Power Rankings Week 10: Cincinnati Bengals (6-2)

The Cincinnati Bengals proved that they were for real guys born for victory over Baltimore. They are back to giving Pittsburgh at run for there money in the AFC North division.

The important thing which is to be noticed, Cincinnati Bengals proved that they are not only about offense as their defense led the way in this big victory over the Ravens. Cincinnati has a tough match up in week 10 at Pittsburgh.

Week 10 Game: Cincinnati @ Pittsburgh

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