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Miss uk football finder 2009

Miss UK Football Finder 2009

ukfootballfinder.co.uk is an online, interactive facilitator for amateur footballers all over the country, who are searching for other like-minded people — whether its looking for a team to join, a team to play, players for your team, referees or managers. The site provides a unique, easy to use service for footballers nationwide, giving them the opportunity to meet up and play the beautiful game that is football.

We are looking for a new face for our site and we would like you to help us decide. The competition the whole internet has been waiting for. Miss UK Football Finder 2009

Which one of these stunners will win a modeling contract with our partners UK Image and in the process become Miss UK Football 2009.

We’ve had over 14,000 lovely girls apply this year, it’s been a tough job for poor old Dexy who had to pick just 40. The top 2 girls with the most votes will go through the grand final which will take place at a top London venue and will announced by a special guest. Voting is free but you can only vote once per day.

The competition will run over 4 months (10 each month Feb-May). 10 girls will be uploaded for the public vote This year we’ve gone for looks, brains, personality with a sporting connection. We’ve got a Chelsea & Stoke soccerette, who are both season ticket holders, a fitness instructor, an actress, a TV presenter and female footballer.

Good luck to all the girls and may the best girl win

Soccer practice : discover 3 new techniques

Soccer Practice : Discover 3 New Techniques

Here’s a really simple way to be successful at teaching and training various techniques/skills in soccer practice. There are three different techniques that can be taught to the kids. Teaching soccer techniques are no different from teaching any other skill. These teaching methods have been given different names by different people. I’d like to name it “”FIG. It would be explained to you in the subsequent paragraphs.

Foundation: F in FIG stands for foundation and as the name suggests, it means the basics of soccer training. The lowest level trainings therefore form the basis of the game. These skills are necessary for every kid to learn but are not used in the actual game. It’s imperative to build a strong foundation for the team to be bigger, varied, and complete in all aspects.

Intermediate: Intermediate or midway is the connotation of “I” in FIG. The basics of the game are attached to the actual game skills only by using these middle level skills. So we must know that the mid level techniques and actual game skills are very different in nature. Game skills in soccer coaching are different from the intermediate skills. But they pave the way to building the actual game skills.

Game: G means the actual game skills that aid in developing an individual into a soccer player. These skills make the players learn the crucial skills that are necessary to play the game.

While using FIG in soccer drills, always use the demonstration-performance method. What is meant by this is that you first come up with an introduction, then describe the body, and then conclude. In soccer practice, tell the players what you intend to coach them about. Then do those particular things which will help them imitate it. In the end, have them do it.

Instructing has 3 vital ingredients; one, players must be taught to perform. Let them know the skill and alongside, teach them on how this will improve their game. Then, it must be demonstrated to them as to how to perform that trick. Display the skills that you wish them to learn in front of the players. It is well known that kids remember better by watching.

In the end, make the kids put into practice the skills. Allow them sufficient time to hone their skills. Do not hesitate in repeating drills so that kids get to learn better. Do not speak a lot. Instead, focus more on showing them tricks and practicing.

To conclude, inform the players how they performed in soccer practice. You must also tell them what they need to do in order to improve. Have a go at it and you will see for yourself the tremendous advantages that it brings to your training regimen.

If you would like more such tips and tricks, enroll for our youth soccer coaching community that specializes in youth soccer.

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