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English premier league — liverpool maintains its lead by beating blackburn

English Premier League — Liverpool Maintains Its Lead by Beating Blackburn

The 18-time champion of the Premier League, Liverpool, vindicated its leading position on the table this past Saturday by beating Blackburn Rovers 3-1 on the road in an amazing way. The game was well-played by the two teams but the consistency and determination of the Reds were higher than the Rovers in the second half, when they had trouble on their defense in various occasions.

The Reds for their part, played with conviction and its tactical plan was one that gave positive results to Benitez and his players at the end of the game. The Reds did not score any goals in the past two Premier League matches that finished in draws against Fulham and West Ham, but their effort in this game to find their winning strategies, gave them what they deserved, the victory.

This lost was the 5th consecutive for Blackburn in the Premier League, which remains in the relegation zone with only 13 points. Its coach Paul Ince is trying to find the way to win but some injuries on his key players and the clueless tactical plans in the matches have not helped to get a triumph, even when his players are playing hard.

On the other hand, Liverpool is working hard to maintain their pole position at the table and add more points to achieve their big ambition; winning their 19th title of the Premier League.  However, we have to mention that Liverpool has also had struggles and difficulties, but even so they have managed to remain at the top.

In Saturday’s game, Blackburn started with more chances than Liverpool during the first 10 minutes of the match, but they couldn’t convert due to the fact that “Pepe” Reina was amazingly saving all of the Blackburn’s attempts. Even so, the Reds didn’t have any clear-cut opportunities during the first 45 minutes and the team’s frustration started to show.

Nevertheless, in the second half things turned around for the Reds, who entered more aggressive and with more conviction than ever. Gerrard and Xavi were doing a great job in the midfield to create spaces and convert opportunities of goals. So at minute 68, Xavi Alonso opened the score with a great goal by an assist from Gerrard. Only 11 minutes later, Benayoun scored again for Liverpool placing a 2-0 in the scoreboard. Then at minute 86, Roque Santa Cruz scored the only goal of the match for Blackburn. Finally, to close the game at minute 90, Gerrard wrapped up the victory by scoring the final goal for Liverpool, finishing 3-1. This victory gives Liverpool a total of 37 points in the table, just one point ahead of Chelsea.

Moreover, Benitez was delighted with his team performance, as even when things were not completely on their side; his team took every chance to win. “We know we can play a lot better than we have been but what gives me confidence is that we can come to places like this and get results, even when we are not at our best,” expressed the Spaniard Coach. “Clearly it was an important three points for us. We are in a very good position and we want to stay there.”

Benitez also stated that players like Mascherano and Gerrard will improve with the time and that key players like Torres and Skrtel will be back to the field soon. That could help to balance the team and given them more support in the attack. The next match of Liverpool will be against Hull City on December 13th at home.

How to start a football programme collection

How to Start a Football Programme Collection

To effectively begin a football programme collection, an individual needs to choose a specialisation to his or her collection. There are hundreds of thousands of programmes available in the United Kingdom, and even more worldwide. To give a collection some sort of meaning a theme ought to be adopted to avoid needless accumulation and so as to put the designated budget a collector has to as best use as possible.

Of course, it will sometimes be the case that you come across a programme that joins or crosses two themes at once. These are likely to prove to be valuable acquisitions in years to come as they signify a special or historical occasion, which will muster memories for football fans from across the world in the future.

A football programme is the most easily adaptable element of a football match to celebrate or commemorate a particular event. This could come in the form of some sort of achievement such as a player milestone, which can be featured in the programme itself. A player milestone could come in many forms, such as an appearance record, a goal scoring record, the end of a players career, a number of years of service by the manager, and much more.

The darker side of football is also recorded in editions of match programmes. These historical events again attract collectors who see them as poignant reminders of the past and are sought after and valuable as a result. The disasters a Hillsborough, Ibrox and Bradford have valuable programmes associated with them, not only for the day itself, but also the subsequent commemorative matches.

A notably valuable set of programmes to own are those associated with the Munich Air Disaster involving the Manchester United team and Busby’s Babes. The programme from the match against Partizan Belgrade who Manchester United were playing on the tragic trip can sell for over a thousand pounds. A similar sum can be achieved for the programme against Sheffield Wednesday directly after the disaster where the team list wasn’t filled in for the Manchester United team.

Notable and celebratory occurrences are usually reflected in the content and style of the programme. Important programmes to get hold of are final matches in an old stadium, or the first issue within a new one. Most programmes of this type are abundant with interesting features and historical information, making them a gem in any soccer programme collection.

Programmes can mean different things to different collectors. The reason why you may value one programme could be due to entirely personal reasons and memories which they may conjure up. For others the pursuit is one of football passion, finding out more about the history and traditions of a football team they support. Whatever your reason, collecting football programmes is a highly rewarding hobby, and comes highly recommended to any football fan.

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