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Catch roaring football action with baltimore ravens tickets

Catch Roaring Football Action With Baltimore Ravens Tickets

For some fabulous football action, football enthusiasts know that Baltimore Ravens tickets are the way to go. For a team that was born in the late nineties, they already have a Super Bowl win to their name after defeating the popular New York Giants. The Ravens have established themselves well, as a team with grit and a lot of muscle.

The Baltimore Ravens are part of the National Football League and are affiliated with AFC North and the American Football Conference. They play their home games at the M&T Bank Stadium and have one league championship, one conference championship and two division championships to their name.

A Rocky Start

The Baltimore Ravens were born in 1995 in an effort to create a new team. The Cleveland Browns at that time were in a financial slump and so the Ravens were started in Baltimore as an expansion team by the Cleveland owner. The name ‘Ravens’ was chosen from a fan contest and alludes to the famous poem by Edgar Allen Poe. In 1997 the Ravens were holding a 3-1 winning season but things dipped the following year when the Ravens ended with a 6-10 record.

Things began to look up for the team in 1999 and Baltimore Ravens tickets were becoming a popular item with football enthusiasts. A number of strong players like Tony Banks and Qadry Ismail helped to bring the team up to par. The Ravens rang the new millennium in with style by bringing home the Super Bowl in 2000. They flattened the New York Giants in a resounding 34-7 win and became the third wild card team in history to win the Super Bowl.

Slip Sliding Away

Baltimore Ravens tickets began selling faster than even as fans were convinced that the Ravens could only keep getting stronger. Unfortunately, the team began to slip. Salary cap problems, injuries and a poor offensive line up dogged the Baltimore Ravens and by 2002, the team had a disappointing 7-9 record. Things seemed to go from bad to worse in the following years, with the Ravens being unable to make the playoffs in 2004 and in 2005. It looked the Super Bowl magic wasn’t going to return.

However the fans have not been giving up on the Ravens and people are still asking for Baltimore Ravens tickets. In 2006, the Ravens made a concerted effort to improve their game. Their efforts paid off and they were able to end the season with a 13-3 record, which was a record best for the franchise. That same year, the Ravens also managed to win the AFC North Division Championships.

The Baltimore Ravens currently have a Ring of Honor for some of the team’s most valuable and noted players. This is on permanent display on their home turf, the M&T Bank Stadium. The ring includes names like Earnest Byner, Lenny Moore, Art Donavan, John Mackey and Jim Parker. The Baltimore Ravens currently seem geared up to make another impressive season this year so if you’re a football enthusiast, you definitely don’t want to miss seeing the Ravens in action. You can even take the hassle out of buying by purchasing your Baltimore Ravens tickets online via an authorized ticket vendor.

Latest football and manchester united news — transfer rumors

Latest Football and Manchester United News — Transfer Rumors

Many web sites also provide the current Manchester United news as well as the score of the football match. At the end of the match, they provide the detailed review of match and players. Thus, viewers are able to know the Manchester United news and football scores from the comfort of their home.

Recently, there have been many football rumors and news on the Internet. Here are some of the latest transfer rumors.

One of the famous transfer rumors doing the around in the Internet is that Arsenal may sell Emmanuel Eboue to FC Barcelona and Gilberto Silva to a club in Spain. Another football news states that Carlos Vela, the Mexican football player, and Fran Merida Perez, from Arsenal are back to cover Eduardo.

Everton FC is trying hard for the title in the next season, after Andrey Arshavin, the Russian football player attempted for a deal with Chelsea FC for Joe Cole. Liverpool is ready to take Thierry Henry in their club. Barcelona has decided to remove Henry, after Henry argued with Samuel Eto’o on the pitch.

Recent football news states that the West Ham United FC’s new technical director Gianluca Nani has brought Luca Toni and Gaetano D’Agostino to Upton Park to play for Real Madrid FC. The club manager of Real Madrid FC has persuaded Royston Drenthe to join the club. Drenthe is supposed to play on the left of midfield and is set to cover Nicky Shorey at left back.

More Football News:

The next happening football news is that Hayden Mullins the English footballer, Luis Figo the Portuguese footballer from Inter Milan FC, and Leroy Halirou Lita from Reading FC are all set to join the West Ham United FC.

Celtic FC, in Lennon’s absence plans to get George Boateng or Gilberto Silva. They are also thinking to sell the Dutch footballer Willem Hesselink with 2 million pounds to use the money to buy Manchester City FC player, Georgios Samaras.

At the end of the season, DIC (Dubai International Capital) is set to announce 100 million cash for new players in the coming season. The stadium will be ready six months earlier than planned.

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