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Spain vs portugal preview: 2010 world cup odds

Spain vs Portugal Preview: 2010 World Cup Odds

See ya later England, we hardly knew yee Italia, better luck in 2014 USA, tough Round of 16 draw Chile…we are now down to the last few games before we head to the quarter finals.

Some countries are starting to feel a tad euphoric, while others are wallowing in despair (see England, Italy and France)

Now we have a huge matchup left on the schedule in the Round of 16, as Portugal will try and pull off an upset of Spain on Tuesday.

The appetizer for this match, Japan vs. Paraguay, should also deliver one of the best matches of the tournament to this point.

Going into Tuesday’s tilt, online sportsbooks have the Spaniards are favored at -114, the Portuguese are listed as +266 underdogs, with a draw paying out at +184 and the Over/Under is set at 2.5.

Spain was tied for the Group H lead with Chile and advanced by virtue of a 2-0-1 record straight up.

Spain managed to score four goals in the first-round of the tournament (they have 1 Over and 2 Unders so far in World Cup 2010), with forward David Villa carrying the bulk of the load, netting three goals.

Portugal made it out of this tournament’s Group of Death (G), finishing with a record that consisted of one win and two draws; the Portuguese were second to Brazil in Group G.

The Portuguese are one of the highest-scoring teams in the tournament with 7 goals for and 0 against. However, you’re going to want to note that all of the goals came in a 7-0 smackdown vs. the North Koreans.

Portugal has spread their offense out more than Spain, with midfielder Tiago leading his teammates with two goals and five other players, including Cristiano Ronaldo, tied for second with a single goal, but again, the scoring all came in that wipeout.

Like Spain, the Portuguese have 1 Over and 2 Unders so far in the tournament.

Hey if you think Portugal can rack up another big win, you can bet on that at Sportsbook.

The odds of a Portuguese victory by six or more goals is +9000, while the odds of a Spanish victory by six or more is +8000…I don’t even think those odds are high enough, suffice to say there is almost no possibility of either of those results coming in for bettors.

Brian Taylor, manager from SPORTSBETTING.com, talked a bit about the action on this one. «As expected, this one is attracting quite a bit of attention from our players, similar numbers to England-Germany and the USA-Ghana match. Right now Spain has 31% of the action, but the draw is the most popular option so far, with 41%. 28% have bet on Portugal scoring an upset.»

I’m looking forward to this one.

Enjoy the action.

Soccer and friends

Soccer and Friends

Soccer is a sport that is played by many people throughout the world. People like to play soccer because they think it’s fun. He also enjoys playing soccer because they want to meet new people and make new friends. There are many other reasons that people like to play soccer, but making friends is most important for some players on the soccer field.

The object of the game of soccer is to get the ball in the field, via the goalkeeper, and the other team ‘s net or goal. The team that does this will receive one point, but each team member has a part to get the ball close enough to goal to be scored. Getting the ball down the field is difficult because there are so many rules that must be followed.

Make friends in the team helps people pass the ball to a swift and effective. Some players have played with other players in the team for many years and can almost know in advance how they will handle the ball when it comes to the scope of their feet. Given that the rules apply to all players on the field, at least everyone will act responsibly when it comes to their time hitting the ball.

The basic rule of soccer need only one person the opportunity to hit the ball with their hands. As everyone uses their feet, that is where the players on the field will have their eyes trained. The goalkeeper will have their eyes on the ball and all players on the opposing team because he knows he can use his feet, hands and body to block a shot fired and who could come n ‘ matter where on the ground.

People love to play the game of soccer because they think it’s fun. The action on the ground can get mad at a time when ten people are hunting and kicking a ball from one end of the field to another. The players like chasing the ball around the field and joy appear on many of their faces. Smiles are sure to be on all the players face when their team scores a point and some may even enjoy screaming at the top of your lungs.

Of course, the other team will not be so happy, but this will certainly make them more determined. The action on the ground will not fail to be increased considerably as the opposing team tries to recover from this loss. They know they play with friends, but they continue to take play the game of soccer very seriously and a person soccer team wants to go home the loser.

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