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Soccer strength and conditioning — what you need to know

Soccer strength and conditioning — what you need to know

A soccer strength and conditioning programme is essential as it’s one of the most demanding sports out there. There are some basics to getting the right exercise regime that will benefit your game.

Did you know in a soccer game the average player covers anything up to 12km during a match, that is more than seven miles! Some of that time you will be sprinting, other times just walking. That means that interval training, with work followed by rest, is a good part of your soccer strength and conditoning regime.

There is also one more thing you might be surprised to know — weight training might not help your soccer strength and conditioning workouts. If you are doing the standard three repititions of ten, you might be getting more muscular — but it could well be at the expense of stamina and recovery — that is not going to work to your benefit for the last twenty minutes of a match. It may also limit your flexibility.

Getting a complete soccer strength and conditioning work is difficult, as you need both upper and lower body work to compete for the ball in the air, to get power when you jump and to hold off players.

The best answer is probably some form of circuit training, ideally involving replicating some common soccer movements.

For the best in time efficient soccer fitness programmes strength training and conditioning offers you some great secrets, while it is well worth finding out how the two for two rule can transform your strength and conditioning workouts for the better!

Gianni truvianni’s «south africa 2010″, brazil beat ivory coast by 3-1 in ill tempered affair

Gianni Truvianni's "South Africa 2010", Brazil Beat Ivory Coast By 3-1 In Ill Tempered Affair

Brazil claimed their second victory in what could be labeled as a relatively easy victory with Fabiano giving them a 1-0 at the 24 minute mark of the game when his well struck ball found the back Ivory Coast’s goal. This goal giving Brazil energy as they searched forward in attack, in their domination of Ivory Coast. The half would end with a 1-0 lead for the South Americans yet it was in the second half were matters truly got out of hand.

It being Fabiano who would go on to score a second goal in which his use of his hand could not have been any clearer on two occasions. First when he jumped for the ball and then when he settled it for his eventual shot which beat goalkeeper, Barry Boubacar Copa for Brazil’s second goal. Fabiano’s hand ball in fact being clearer than Maradona’s back in 1986 yet despite this referee, St?phane Lannoy but smiled as he jokingly tapped his own arm to Brazil’s Fabiano. This moment being the one which created stressful conditions on the pitch which led to foul after foul being committed by both teams while Lannoy failed to control those on the pitch. A third goal would come for Brazil however when Kaka managed to find an unmarked Elano, coming in to the penalty box to give Brazil a 3-0 advantage.

Ivory Coast despite being out played would get one back when at the 78 minute mark, Didier Drogba managed to beat the Brazilian offside trap; to give his team their first goal of the world cup. It was at that point that the match was settled yet tempers would flair up when in perhaps what could be called an injustice to compensate for another, one of the Ivory Coast’s players intentionally collided with Kaka and then pretended to fall down injured. This despite it being clear that it had been he who had run up from behind Kaka, who could not have seen him nor struck his face which he held after having fallen down. Kaka then being unjustly expelled yet in all honesty Brazil’s second goal also should not have been allowed.

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