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Potugal vs north korea group match preview of fifa wc 2010 from south africa

Potugal Vs North Korea Group Match Preview of FIFA WC 2010 from South Africa

Potugal Vs North Korea Group Match Preview of FIFA WC 2010 from South Africa

June 20th, 2010 | Author: buzzlive

Portugal came in this FIFA World Cup 2010 as a hot favourite. But in their first match against Ivory Coast almost without Drogba, they could not show their best effort. I will not say that Ivory Coast is not a good team but statistically Portugal are in better position. I said in one of my writings that a star player can keep busy at least four players as we saw in the case of Ronaldo. But other players failed to reap the benefits of it. Portugal troubled the Ivorian defence little. Their strikers could not possess much. I hope they will come back in today’s match. Actually they have to, because they are now sharing the same position with Ivory Coast and the match against North Korea is vital for both of them. But North Korea will tough cookie. They succeeded to keep Brazil at bay for 55 minutes by a fine, spirited performance and especially for the goalkeeper Ri Myong-guk who compelled Brazil to miss at least 4 goals.

Match Schedule

June 21, 2010 Monday

Kick off 11:30 GMT

A comparative study

Comparative field


North Korea

FIFA ranking



Highest FIFA ranking

3 (May 2010)

57 (November 1993)

Elo ranking



Highest Elo ranking

2 (June 2006)

26 (July 1966)

Biggest win

Portugal 8–0 Liechtenstein ,

Costa Rica, Kuwait

North Korea 21 – 0 Guam

Biggest defeat

Portugal 0–10 England

Bulgaria 6 – 1 North Korea, Poland 5 – 0 North Korea

European Championship & Best result

Appeared 5 times and Runners-up, 2004


AFC Asian cup


appeared 2 times and Fourth place, 1980

World Cup

World Cup & Best result

Appeared 4 times and Third Place, 1966

Appeared 2 times and Quarter-finals, 1966

Match played



Match won



Match drawn



Match lost









Friendly Matches

Friendly matches victory

Cameroon, Mozambique,


Friendly matches drawn

Cape Verde Islands,


Friendly matches loses


Paraguay, Nigeria,

From the above comparison I would like to givePortugal90% marks and North Korea 65% marks. What about you ?

Let’s guess the result of this game. I think the result will be Portugal 2-1 North Korea! What do you think ?

Why chelsea will become english premier league champions in 2010

Why Chelsea Will Become English Premier League Champions In 2010

With each season that has passed since the departure of Jose Mourinho, there is a growing desperation within Chelsea to taste the sweet success of being English Premier League champions again. This season has the club welcoming their fourth manager in three seasons with Carlo Ancelotti. The Italian moved from AC Milan to Chelsea over the summer and has been tasked with restoring glory to the club not experienced since their Portuguese coach left under acrimonious circumstances. With half the season played, Ancelotti appears to be doing a fine job. Chelsea continues to lead at the top of the Premier League and there are a few key reasons why they could remain there come the end of the season.

1. The manager Carlo Ancelotti.
Without a doubt, teams that have become champions over the years have had one similar trait and that is the presence of a great manager. Carlo Ancelotti has already proven himself both in Italy and Europe as a whole. Once dubbed the nearly man in Italian football, Ancelotti went on to win all the honours available domestically and internationally with AC Milan. It is this same resume on which Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich chose to hire him to lead the club after previous manager Guus Hiddink left.

2. Flourishing strike partners
Chelsea used to play with only one striker upfront. That was the system that Mourinho implemented during his reign and found great success with. Subsequent coaches came and tried to impose their own ideals without success. It was not until Ancelotti came in that the team now plays with a more conventional two strikers upfront, with great results to show for it. The Ivory Coast striker Didier Drogba has struck up a strong partnership with Frenchman Nicolas Anelka with both hitting double digits at this stage of the season. There is no doubt that if both players remain fit and available, they will fire the club to the title.

3. John Terry scandal
Many are expecting the scandal that John Terry has found himself in to cause friction in the squad and also lead to unwanted distraction in the title chase. However, most of the players have been reported to be supportive of the defender. Terry is well known for being a mentor for other players in terms of their fortunes on the pitch. That gesture could be returning to him in kind in a positive manner. The opposite individual involved in the scandal is also not a part of Chelsea. The whole situation could lead to an even more united team at Stamford Bridge which could translate to even better performances on the field.

There are many possible reasons why Chelsea should top the Premier League at the end of May, but the above three are the most important of them all. Rarely would a team enjoy a trouble-free season on their way to success and it is often the most difficult situations that would turn them into an indomitable side. Chelsea are now coincidentally going through such a period and with strong mental character, a return to being English football champions is within reach.

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