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Manchester united russian visa deal is agreed

Manchester United Russian Visa Deal is Agreed

The Russian authorities have announced that fans of Manchester United and Chelsea will be allowed to enter Moscow without a visa to watch their teams play in the Uefa European Cup final. Fans will be able to escape Russia’s notoriously strict visa restrictions by simply presenting a valid match ticket on arrival.

The 42,000 football fans that are estimated to have tickets for the Moscow match will welcome the Russian authorities’ announcement, particularly as there were fears that Britain’s ongoing political tension with Russia would hamper attempts to secure a ‘visa-free’ deal. The visa-free decision will also take pressure off the overworked staff at the Russian Embassy, who have been working non-stop to try and issue visas to the thousands of football fans in time for the final, which takes place on the 21st May.

The visa-free deal proposed by the Russian authorities will allow Manchester United and Chelsea fans to use their match tickets as a visa substitute for a 72-hour period between 19 and 23 May. In addition to their valid match ticket, the football fans will also need to present their passports and a completed immigration form to the authorities when they arrive on Russian soil. Those who overstay the 72-hour visa-free entry period will be forced to pay the regular visa fee of around ?150 — ?200 on his or her departure.

The Russian visa announcement comes after a series of discussions between Michel Platini, President of Uefa (http://www.uefa.com/), and the Russian government. Mr Platini said that the Russian visa concession was “exceptional and unprecedented” and a “historical decision.” He also exclaimed that the long-awaited announcement was “great news.” He said: “This is great news for football fans travelling to watch this year’s Uefa Champions League final in Moscow. Our job is to make sure that they are able to get to and from Moscow as easily as possible. I am therefore extremely pleased that at my request, all fans travelling with a valid match ticket can use this to enter Russian territory.” Mr Platini also thanked Russia for their co-operation. He said: “I must thank wholeheartedly the president of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, the Russian government, the city of Moscow and the Football Union of Russia.”

The decision has obviously reduced demand for visas, so the Manchester United and Chelsea fans that are hoping to travel to Russia independently and buy a match ticket in Moscow should have their visas processed in time. However, the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office are advising supporters in this situation not to travel to Moscow “if they do not have a ticket or accommodation beforehand.”




The importance of getting the right football kit

The Importance Of Getting The Right Football Kit

Football is a game that many millions play worldwide and it captures the imagination of even more. If you enjoy playing football, no matter at what level, then there are important pieces of kit that you need to get to make sure that you are safe and have the best chance of coming off uninjured. Your football shirt should of course not clash with your opponents or the referees. so the most basic of kit you need is a football shirt, football shorts and socks but there is also other kit you need to make sure that you not only conform with regulations but also that you minimise the risk of injury.

Shin guards and football boots are very important pieces of equipment you need to play football. Shin guards protect you from knocks and help to take some of the impact of any tackle or challenge that goes in on you. Shin guards have evolved considerably over the years and are now made of hi-tech modern materials to make them lighter yet tougher. Football boots are also an essential piece of football equipment making sure you have the right grip when you play to avoid sliding and potentially injuring yourself. Getting the right fitting football boots as well as the ones that offer you the best grip and support for your feet is key when selecting what football boots to buy.

Goalkeepers have additional football kit to buy with gloves being an obvious essential for any goalkeeper. Interestingly goalkeepers are the only players who are permitted to wear a baseball cap when on the field to block out the sun. goalkeepers shirts should always be a different colour to both their team mates and their opponents to make them more distinguishable. When buying foot ball kit for goalkeepers the function of many pieces of kit change slightly with greater priority placed on padding and things like that than for outfield players, with football boots also being slightly different with their main purposes being different.

The importance of getting the right football equipment is seen with the number of injures that occur in the game. For a while there was a huge spate of foot injuries which could have been avoided by having boots that offered more protection to delicate bones in the foot so all aspects of the football kit needs to be weighed up before buying. Even buying the right football shirt can have an effect on your performance if you are not comfortable in the shirt, the fitting and style may hinder you in a game.

When you are looking to buy your new football shirt and football equipment you need to look at more factors than just the price, there is no point in just buying the cheapest item but equally there is no point in just buying the most expensive item. Budget to see what you can afford and then shop around to find the best piece of kit or the best football shirt around at that price. Buying equipment that will make you safer and more comfortable when playing will not only help avoid injuries but also aid your performance.

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