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German bundesliga- bayer leverkusen beats mainz and regains leadership

German Bundesliga- Bayer Leverkusen beats Mainz and regains leadership

Bayer Leverkusen managed to get back in the top position of the German Bundesliga after beating Mainz 05 4-2 this last Saturday, on what was the eighteenth date of the German football. A day earlier, in the same round of games, the Leverkusen lost their lead when Bayern Munchen beat Hoffenheim with a score of 2-0. The win gave Munchen another two points of advantage and placed them temporarily at the head of the German league. Affected by Munich’s sudden ascent to the top, the Leverkusen locals began Saturday’s match distracted and uncertain. The visiting team was quick to take advantage, entering its opponent’s area. Once in their rivals’ area, the O-Fives needed only eight minutes, with Tim Hoogland scoring the first goal of the game, to put the scoreboard at 1-0. This score was the spark that ignited the locals, who reacted quickly, developing a strong game plan. The Neverkusen, determined to regain a position of privilege, began a parade of great plays. They acted as a rock wall to their opponents, who were unable to make any progress. But Mainz’s joy was short-lived; 15 minutes later, a great header from Czech defender Michal Kadlec put the score at 1-1. Four minutes later, Swiss midfielder Tranquillo Barnetta scored the second goal in favor of Bayer. With an advantage in the scoreboard, Leverkusen increased their tempo. Mainz players found it difficult to stop the heavy attacks they suffered from Bayer. Leverkusen looked unstoppable, and their opponents just couldn’t match their level of play. Bayer’s offense was becoming more effective with every attempt. At minute 30, midfielder Toni Kroos sent in the team’s third goal. The first half finished with Bayer in a clear position of superiority. But their overconfidence held them back at the start of the second half, with the Werkself slowing their rhythm. They devoted themselves to performing simple plays, trying to maintain their advantage on the scoreboard. Aware of the change in atmosphere, the Mainz players were able to create better plays. The team managed to put the score at 3-2, thanks to a goal from defender Niko Bungert at minute 67. The goal shocked the Bayer out of their sluggishness, returning them to their intense level of play from the first half. From that point on, the game became a real challenge; neither of the teams was willing to give up. The intensity made it difficult to score. A few minutes before the end of the match, Leverkusen had another opportunity quickly seized by Swiss striker Eren Derdiyok; he sent the ball into the net at minute 88, bringing the score to 4-2 and guaranteeing the final victory for his team. The win gave Bayer Leverkusen two points and put them at the top of the German Bundesliga flight with 38 points. The team is followed closely by Schalke 04 with 37 and with Bayern Munich in third with 36 points.

English premier league: arsenal heading the standings

English Premier League: Arsenal Heading the Standings

Recently in the English Premier League, Arsenal overcame Bolton by 3 goals and this serve to take advantage and surpass Liverpool that had previously played against Stoke City in a game that ended in a tie. This way in a fifth game played Arsenal positioned itself in the first place of the English Premier standings. Chelsea and Manchester United remain the biggest favorite to win this year’s home and away titles especially the UEFA Champions League, which Sir Alex Ferguson and his team achieved last season.

During the match the Spaniard midfielder Cesc Fabregas failed to catch, in the 14th minute, Kevin Davis’ shot and Bolton took the leading but within two minutes Arsenal’s Emmanuele Eboure and Niclas Bendtner scored. Right after that, the Londoner squad took control of the rhythm of the game and managed to win with a final goal by Denilson at the 87th minute. 

On the other hand, we need to say it was not such a good day for Liverpool coached by Spaniard Rafael Ben?tez who thought that would be an easy game against one of the teams at the bottom of the classification, Stoke City, but the team had a major objective, which was to obtain a local triumph. Right from the start, Liverpool had a major disappointment as their first goal was annulled. Also, Liverpool’s player Fernando Torres was not able to overcome the rival’s resistance laid upon him.

Liverpool’s head coach, Rafael Ben?tez was very upset that the referee annulled the Gerrard’s free shot goal. The linesman had advised a fault by Dirk Kuyt who headed the shot. The decision to cancel the goal was the referee’s and that was a turning point for the team as they were not able to play a more open game.

The remaining action was shared in the games that brought the West Ham’s triumph over Newcastle by 3 goals to 1. This was Gianfranco Zola’s debut in the Premier League as head coach, a very good experience for the rookie coach. The Italian Zola is the current West Ham’s leading man since Alan Curbishley was removed from his position. The West Ham’s player David Di Michele scored the third goal for the team while Michael Owen scored for Newcastle. Zola was very pleased with the victory and he feels his players have provided all the support he needed to feel in command to make the right choices.

Additionally, Suderland and Blackburn achieved home wins against Middlesbrough (2-0) and Fulham (1-0). These two games were very interested and brought plenty of action especially Michael Chopra Middlesbrough’s player performance. Lastly, Blackburn won over Fulham with a powerful goal by Matt Derbyshire at the 84th minute of the game. Nevertheless, there is a new leader in the standings but the question remains for how long this team will continue in the premium position…we will have our answer in the coming days of football action in the English League.

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