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Bet on usa vs ghana: fifa world cup odds

Bet on USA vs Ghana: FIFA World Cup Odds

The USA soccer team PK (-150) has opened as betting favorites at online bookmakers in World Cup picks for their Saturday match against Ghana PK (-150). The soccer money line has the United States +135 with Ghana +200 and the draw would return +220. This means that for every $100 bet on USA soccer, bookmakers would return $135 for a profit of $35. Remember that World Cup betting depends on the first 90 minutes of the game, even if there is overtime, how the game ends at the end of the second half is how the wager will be graded. The over/under total is set at 2.5 goals UNDER (-200) so bookmakers are expecting a low scoring match while betting on the OVER (+155) would return a profit of $55 for every $100 wagered.

The USA soccer squad is beginning to take on the aura of being a team of destiny as they enter the round of 16 coming off a breathtaking and dramatic win over Algeria as -140 favorites in World Cup odds. Landon Donovan scored in extra time vs Algeria to get the Americans to the top of Group C after the United States had previously scored draws against England and Slovenia. Ghana advanced to the round of 16 from Group D. They defeated Serbia in their opener 1-0 and followed that up with a 1-1 draw with Australia before losing their finale to Group D winner Germany 0-1. Ghana is the final African team to remain in the tournament, which is being held in South Africa.

Ghana midfielder Sulley Muntari said the team wants to represent the continent with success. «We want to do it for Africa,» said Muntari. «We want to break records.» The Americans will not make it easy for Muntari and Ghana as they have played with grit and determination. Their draw against Slovenia was a highly controversial affair as team USA rallied from a 0-2 deficit to score what looked to be the winning goal that was nullified by a poor call by the referee. «I wish I could understand it better but for whatever reason we seem to grow in strength and confidence as the game goes on,» said USA goalkeeper Tim Howard. This will be only the second time since 1930 that the Americans have made the Round of 16 with the last time being 1994 as the host nation. Bet USA +135 as money line favorites in FIFA World Cup betting odds vs Ghana with $32 in free casino chips.

FIFA World Cup Picks

I hope the local network television stations are ready for this one, the ratings should go through the roof. With soccer fever starting to take shape back home and former President Bill Clinton cheering them on in the stadium, how can the USA lose? By letting in silly goals, that’s how. If the USA can attack early and get a comfortable lead instead of having to fight for their lives in the final minutes, then we should see USA soccer play into the quarter-finals. If not, well… you can’t count the United States out of anything. I expect to see a 2-0 or 2-1 win for the USA soccer team.

Football 101 — a girl’s guide to football — what’s in it for you

Football 101 — A Girl’s Guide to Football — What’s In It For You

Can I tell you how tired I am of single women complaining about
how hard it is to meet a decent man? The problem is not a dearth
of quality men. In fact, I know quite a few single gems. The
problem exists where the ladies are looking. You aren’t going to
find the right man in a sleazy bar or pick-up joint. If you want
a man who values integrity, honor, and good sportsmanship, then
you have go where the real men are. In the fall, that means your
local sports bar.

Football is the all-American game. If you can’t get into the
game, you are shunning some of the best guys in town. Here you
will find men that truly believe in honor, both on and off the
field. Football players aren’t stereotypical big dumb jocks.
They have had to work incredibly hard to get where they are, and
there are no NFL players who haven’t made a true commitment to
the game. The fans are equally committed to the game and their
teams. So much for the common complaint that «it’s impossible to
find a man who can make a commitment»!

Personally, I’m hooked on the game itself. I love the strategy,
the element of surprise, and the emotion (and I’m not terribly
opposed to cute butts in tight football pants, either). You may
or may not develop your own passion for the game, but you need
to garner a basic understanding of how it works if you don’t
want to come off like a fool. Guys can spot a fraud miles away,
so it’s better to admit your ignorance and ask questions, rather
than try to pretend you know the game. Of course, this only
works for so long and you need to bone-up on football if you
want to hang with the boys. Start with the basics — you need to
know what teams are playing, and it really helps to have a
favorite. I’m a tried-and-true Raiders fan myself, but they
aren’t for the weak-hearted, being the only team in the NFL that
has to play against both the opposing team and the
selectively-blind referees (personal quibbles aside, of course).
If you don’t have a favorite team in mind, you could simply go
with your hometown team. Be it the town you live in now, or the
one from which you came. If that doesn’t work for you, then you
probably come from Cincinnati or Cleveland, and should pick a
random team. I know women who made their selection based on
which jersey color looked best on them, which logo they liked
best, or which team their despised ex-boyfriend hated the most.
However, you make your selection, choose your team, and stay
with them through the good times and the bad.

Start reading the sports page. You need to understand what is
going on in the football world. At first, very little might make
sense, but keep reading and you’ll be surprised at how much you
can actually learn. For a high level overview, listen to the
sports segment on your local network news. ESPN has a great web
site where you can always find the latest stats on all the
teams. At the very least, try to know the latest disputed calls,
injuries and controversies.

Get a good pal to tutor you in the basics of the game. I
recommend choosing a male friend, not boyfriend, who is a
patient soul. Also, you are best learning from a taped game, so
that he already knows the outcome and won’t mind stopping the
tape to explain what just happened. I was totally anti-football
until a good friend sat me down with a taped game and a few
brews. Thanks to his patience and understanding of the game I’m
now a regular Sunday inhabitant of the sports bar. Don’t forget
to check among your gal pals; you may have a hidden football fan
in your midst. The bonus is not just a great lesson, but also a
buddy to join you in your foray into NFL Sundays at the sports
bar and football fandom!

I will also be following up with a series on the basics of my
favorite game.

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